Welcome to Andy Clark DVM, MBA

I am an Advisor to Equine Veterinary Businesses. My focus is to bring clarity to the business of Equine Practice.

Through an innovative virtual advisory program, I provide business coaching, solutions, and strategies. I have owned a single-doctor practice out of a garage as well as a regional referral hospital.

Two decades into my successful (financially and quality of life) career as an Equine Practitioner I had a nearly fatal injury while injecting a sacroiliac joint on a kind little Jumper named Joey. I emerged from rehab less abled than I was before.

My passion had always been working as an Equine Practitioner. In the blink of an eye, that ship had sailed. I needed a new way to make a living, hopefully near Equine Practice. I went back to school for an MBA with an entrepreneurship focus. Combining 20 years of medium to high end Equine Practice with my MBA training, I upskilled to become Andrew R Clark, DVM, MBA, LLC.

Op Ed: Equine Practice Might be Financially Sustainable, but Not the Way We Manage Now

Equine Veterinary Practice is at an inflection point. Many practices are seeking advice on complicated issues:

I can help you navigate through these issues and more.



In a consulting/advisory role, I have served as:

Giving Back

My wife, Kathleen, and I live in Aiken, South Carolina. Our 'doing good things' energy is focused on supporting:

S - Success

I have had success owning, managing, and practicing in a regional referral hospital, Pioneer Equine Hospital and a one doctor ambulatory practice, Pioneer Equine Veterinary Services.

I have had success Consulting and Advising hundreds of Equine Practices from single doctor practices to a 60 doctor practice through growth, adversity, financial crash, recession and pandemic.

K – Knowledge

I have a broad foundation of knowledge spanning Veterinary Medicine and Business Administration.

E – Experience

Applying that knowledge and remaining a life long learner has given me a base of experience upon which I and my clients can rely.

W – Wisdom

Wisdom is the net result of knowledge and experience as long as you maintain focus on clarity and improvement every step of the way.

Numbers aren’t everything, but I believe that they tell a story. Here are a few numbers that tell my story.

I have been an advisor to many. From colleges to practices, services to products, I have been an advisor for all these things. What are the things you need my knowledge, experience and wisdom on?

Advisor/Consultant to Colleges of Veterinary Medicine
Advisor to Companies Providing Services and Products to Equine Veterinary Medicine
Virtual CEO to 40 Practices
Advisor to Equine Veterinary Practices