I’m Andy Clark, the President of Andrew R Clark, DVM, MBA, LLC.

Through an innovative Virtual CEO program I provide business coaching, solutions, strategies, and development for equine veterinary businesses in 12 states and two Canadian Provinces as well as clients in Europe. I facilitate two Veterinary Management Groups. My consulting work is diverse, from business coaching with individuals all the way to consulting and advisory work with fortune 500 companies. In addition to consulting work, I am a very active speaker in educational, industry and motivational venues.

I serve as a trustee for the AVMA Professional Liability Insurance Trust, managing the Business and Liability Insurance programs for 82,000 members. I serve on the Board of Directors of Equinext, LLC and Business Infusions Software and the Kentucky Horse Park as well as the advisory board of ”eyeD”.

My wife, Kathleen, and I live on a small farm in Central Kentucky. Kathleen’s hobby is riding Event horses and she supports wildlife conservation efforts in Africa. My ‘doing good things’ energy is focused on fund-raising for the Markey Cancer Foundation. My riding hobby is currently undergoing a radical transition. I was raised around cattle ranching and from three years of age on, I rode quarter horses in western saddles. Last year, poof, life is about transitions and I began riding in an English saddle and now I am learning to jump. It is indeed a great adventure.