Community Outreach

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The Markey Cancer Foundation

The Markey Cancer Foundation invests in the people and programs who are working to discover the cures and to devise new and better treatments to fight cancer. Teachers and research scholars with national and international credentials will provide the margin of excellence for fulfilling the Markey Cancer Center’s great expectation to become a premier cancer center. Private donations for these purposes are critical for the success of this endeavor.


Veterinary Leadership Institute

The VLI creates programs that takes students and individuals within the industry and provides them with tools, knowledge and experience to become well-rounded veterinarians. Taking most attendees out of their zone, VLI provides a highly interactive curriculum involving an array of learning formats, communication and team work, peer-to-peer collaboration and reflective thinking.

Building on work begun at Washington State University College of Veterinary Medicine, The Veterinary Leadership Institute (VLI) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the development of tools and programs that address the above mentioned curricular needs in an affordable and collaborative manner. Using a leadership model that showcases the diversity and strength of each individual while also emphasizing that personal leadership is the cornerstone for leading others, the curriculum uses an evidence-based, experiential format to facilitate learning. The internationally attended Veterinary Leadership Experience (VLE), our flagship program, was developed by an interdisciplinary team with expertise in veterinary medicine, psychology, organization leadership, executive coaching, business, organization advancement, education, and communication. Our mission is to equip current and future veterinary leaders with all of the skills necessary to successfully advance the profession as an intergral partner in the Once Health Movement.