Role of the CEO

All businesses have CEO (Chief Executive Officer) and COO (Chief Operating Officer) roles. In many small businesses those roles are filled by the same person.


The CEO’s job is to do the right things and the COO’s job to do things right.

Make a Difference

My Virtual CEO mission statement is to “make a difference”. I accomplish that by helping the client establish their personal and professional objectives, then developing strategy and tactics that will enable the client to realize their objectives. While I act as the virtual CEO, the client becomes their own COO, armed to do things right to realize their objectives.

I help articulate what your objective really is

What is Your Objective?

Make more money?  Increase business value?  Exit strategy?  Legacy in community?  Prestige in the profession?

What is the real objective of your business?  We will explore this so that you have a clear plan on how to achieve your objectives.

Andy Clark is the Accountability Partner to keep you on Track

Our first step is to create a program based on your objectives. Then, Andy will be your accountability partner to keep you on track. He uses the following methods:

Move Business to Objective

Move Business to Objective

With a clearly defined objective, we know we're you are trying to go. Now we'll help move you in that direction.

Weekly Meetings

Weekly Meetings

We will conduct weekly meetings to look at what you're doing and help you stay on track.

Develop Strategy

Develop Strategy

Develop strategy and tactics to meet objectives you have articulated.